my wifi seems to constantly break, even on a system that should support it

this is me trying to dig into it to figure it out a little more

- nil
- connecting
- need authentication
- authenticated
- associated (i think this means authentication is going ok)
- blocked

getting debug information:
- card status messages can be spewed constantly:
  - ether0=type=iwl debug=1
  - run `cat /dev/kprint` in a window to collect these
- auth:
  - aux/wpa -2 -d -s essid -p dev
- dhcp:
  - ip/ipconfig -D -p ether /net/ether0

might take some ndb configuration.
- my router ip

process up to here seems good:
- echo essid theessid > dev/clone
- aux/wpa -2 -d -s essid -p dev
then this breaks:
- ip/ipconfig -D -p ether /net/ether0

my errors seem to be related to dhcp.
- ipconfig: dhcprecv: read timed out
  - maybe needs clone first?
  - doesn't seem to help
see if we can get some context
- cmd/ip/ipconfig/dhcp.c:430
  - within dhcprecv
  - within dhcpquery